Sa’ad Akram Al-Skafi

Sa’ad Akram Al-Skafi, 18, along with 8 other family members were killed in the Shujaiyya massacre on July 20, 2014. Sa’ad just recently got his final high school grades, with an excellent average of 91%. The other 8 members are:

Anas Akram al-Skafi, 18 years old (twin of Sa’ad).
Abdelrahman Akram Mohammed al-Skafi, 22 years old.
– Isam Atieh Said al-Skafi, 26 years old.
– Ali Mohammed Hassan al-Skafi, 27 years old.
– Mohammed Hassan Mohammad al-Skafi, 53 years old.
– Moussaeb al-Khayr Salah al-Din Said al-Skafi, 27 years old.
– Mojahed Marwan Said al-Skafi, 20 years old.
– Akram Mohammed Ali al-Skafi, 63 years old.