Mahmoud, Mohamed El-Zowidi & Family

5 members of the El-Zowidi family was killed on July 19 when Israeli airstrikes and bombings targeted their home in Beit Hanoun:

– Angam El-Zowidi, 2 years old
– Roaya El-Zowidi, 6 years old
– Dalia Abdel Hamid El-Zowidi, 37 years old
– Mahmoud Abdel Hamid El-Zowidi, 23 years old (pictured above)
– Mohammad Khalid Jamil El-Zowidi, 20 years old (pictured above)

Abir Elzowidi, a cousin of the El-Zowidi painfully describes the El-Zowidi family’s final moments:

“A few days ago, five members of my family—including two small children 2 and 6 years old—were killed in their homes in that village of Beit Hanoun in Gaza, while baking their bread for the day wishing to share it together praying to God to spend one more day with each other while they watching Israel randomly bombing neighbors. Israel give them what they wished for! But sadly dead and buried next to each other. One child, a five-year old boy with special needs, lies injured in the hospital and has been left orphaned. The bread that they baked left soaking wet in their blood and my family kept picking up the hair and scalp and the little bodies of the two girls that was found in pieces. Now several other family members have been forced to leave their homes, and others watched their homes destroyed with this evil bombs and are homeless for the second time in their life after the 1948 “Nakba,” including my 2 grandmother Fatimah, 93 year-old and Aisha 84 years old. Why [do] they do this? What crime did my people commit for Israel to kill them?”

Here is a brief video report on the attack that killed the El-Zowidi family members.