Ibrahim Al-Kilani & Family

On July 22, an air strike destroyed six floors of Salam Tower in the centre of Gaza City, killing at least 11 people including Ibrahim Al-Kilani, 53, a professor of engineering, his wife and their five children:

– Taghrid Shoeban Mohammad al-Kilani, 45, Gaza City
– Yassir Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 8, Gaza City
– Elias Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 4, Gaza City
– Susan Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 11, Gaza City
– Reem Ibrahim Deib al-Kilani, 12, Gaza City
– Yasmeen Ibrahim Deeb al-Kilani, 9, Gaza City

All had earlier fled from Shejaiya, where more than 70 people died in the biggest Israeli bombardment of the war on Sunday.

Ibrahim had studied architecture and worked in Germany as an engineer during the 90’s, returning to Gaza in 2001.The 53-year-old also had a daughter and son from a previous marriage to a German classmate. Layla Kilani, his 21-year-old daughter, said she had only spoken to him on Sunday. “My father had nothing to do with politics,” she told German daily Siegener Zeitung.

A classmate of her father told local press that he was a good-hearted man, and had nothing whatsoever to do with the religious extremism or political fanaticism that Israel has accused most Gaza Palestinians of.