About Us

About the Platform

The Beyond Numbers platform aims to remember all innocent victims of the Israeli Operation “Protective Edge” on Gaza, launched on July 8, 2014. Each picture portrays a victim and his/her story, rather than a number to add to the death count.

The platform is regularly updated by Palestinians living in the conflict zone through the website’s proprietary crowdsourcing interface. The hope is to inspire the world to take action and call for the end of the violence.

Why is the Platform Necessary?

Due to the absence of transparent reporting in the region, news about the fallen is  narrowly focused on numbers and often fails to include personal details about those  who have lost their lives. Instead, they focus on their tragic deaths, dehumanizing the Palestinians and their cause. We aim to celebrate their lives with you.

By sharing the human side of the victims, who are more often than not innocent women and children, Beyond Numbers hopes to inspire and motivate the international community to take actions that will lead to the end of both the Israeli military offensive and the collective punishment of the Palestinian people. These stories need to be told, and Beyond Numbers is doing its part to ensure that  these victims are remembered forever.

About the Creators

Beyond Numbers is a global initiative powered by a group of youth from around the world, based across five continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, South America, North America) committed to the cause of a free and unoccupied Palestine.